Siegwerk Startup-Program


Siegwerk is the world's leading company for packaging inks, for applications such as packaging, labels and catalogs.

With more than 180 years of experience, the company has solid expertise in and knowledge of many printing procedures. A global manufacturing and service network ensures customers consistently high-quality products and services. Siegwerk employs some 5,000 people worldwide in more than 30 country organizations and is headquartered in Siegburg, Germany near Cologne. As a family-owned company, we are particularly interested in sharing our practical experience with experts, both young and with many years' experience.

  1. Working with us offers many advantages. Siegwerk has wide-ranging expertise in the packaging market. We can help startups get innovations ready for the market and production, and provide support with customer acquisitions.
  2. We look forward to open collaboration and aim to create the best possible synergies between startups and Siegwerk through cooperation. This means that both sides can learn and benefit from one another. Naturally, our customers' needs are always at the heart of our collaborations. If you are interested in a collaboration, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


We are specialized in a range of subjects and have developed technologies in order to expand and revolutionize the packaging industry. We want to make the packaging market more efficient and transparent by continually harnessing new ideas in collaboration with multiple startups.

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

"Smart Packaging" incorporates all of the technologies that make packaging more intelligent.

Internet of Packaging

Internet of Packaging

The "Internet of Packaging" enables interaction between consumers and the packaged product.



Siegwerk aims to achieve sustainable growth through ecological,...


With more than 180 years of experience, Siegwerk offers solid product knowledge and expertise for many printing processes.

About Siegwerk

Our company has a very long and very successful history. Founded in 1830 as a manufacturer of handmade goods, the company developed an international printing ink based on the printing competence from the later "calico", a printing company for fabrics.

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Working together

For us, collaboration with young companies means taking a step towards greater inventiveness. Innovations drive our growth and development. New technological paths are forged and creative influences are exchanged. Forming a collaboration with us takes just three steps:

Step 1
Identifying potential

In the first instance, getting to know each other's corporate cultures allows commonalities to be identified between your company and ours.

Step 2
A joint project

Shared objectives are important to us! We will therefore gather ideas for projects together and then start to implement these project ideas. Short decision-making routes and two-way exchange should be the focus here.

Step 3
Defining the collaboration

If an idea for a joint project is found, we will examine which model of collaboration will work best together with the startups.


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